We take pride in the fact that we have successfully shipped 20 projects. The key factors to this we believe are:

– A core team that focuses on programming, design, and projectmanagement.

– A network of experienced and trusted contractors which allows us to scale our team up and down depending on project.

– That we always reuse successful code and design from previous projects and that we program and design with this in mind at all times.

– Our workflow and our tools that allows for fast iterations and rapid prototyping helping us identify problems and improve mechanics at an early stage.

– A multi-disciplined core team. More than one person can work with art, modeling, animation, sound, scripting, writing, project leading, and so on. This leads to few dependencies – Work never stops if one person is unavailable or a contractor doesn’t deliver in time.

– A customer centred mind set. Close and regular contacts with the customer and rapid iterations allow us to