About Pixel Tales


New IP Development:
We develop games that fits your idea and intended target demographic, from scratch or specifications, to build a new IP.
Games where we have worked on IP development
: Brothers, Star Stable, Star Stable Online, Spotlights, Starshine Legacy, Ice Blocked

Work for Hire:
We deliver games according to your specifications. You will have full access to our experience as well to help you get the best game possible.
Games where we have worked for hire
: Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp, Kiwi & Strit, Springdale

We have the capability to take a game on any platform and get it running on any other one. We have solid experience with all major platforms.
Games we have ported: Switchball (Xbox 360 to Playstation 3), Springdale (from PC to Wii and Playstation 2), Scarab Solitaire (from iPhone to Nintendo DSi)