Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp

Barbie as a role-playing game – Take the role of Barbie at Riding Camp; develop riding skills, perform a variety of horse care tasks, explore and go on adventures!

Quest-based gameplay in an open world – Enjoy the freedom to explore the entire island, compete in timetrials and challenges, earn trophies, medals and ribbons for outstanding performances

Customization – clothes and accessories are unlocked as you complete quests

5 different horses to ride – each with its very own personality, unique qualities and individual skill set

Developed from signature to RTM in 7 months for Activision

– Three platforms, six SKUs: Wii, Playstation 2, and PC (NA and EMEA)

– Localized to EFIGS+D (EMEA), EFS (NA)

– IGN Score: 6.2 “if your little girl loves videogames and horses, you can go ahead and let her saddle up.”

– Peak Team Size: 12